Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trust: Vendor vs. Customer

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough." -Frank Crane

In hearing of the Arts Festival that was to take place Sunday, October 18th in downtown Winston, we decided to drop by to see a live example of community. There were the essential chili-dogs, jugglers, jewelery, and leashed dogs--not to mention the occasional leashed child. As we walked between the rows of vendors, we thought about the importance of trust between the vendors and the passersby. When considering the hours of work put into each piece of merchandise, it would be quite a committment to allow any stranger of the city to have such access to valuable art. We decided to interview a few of the artists to see just how much they trusted their customers. The consensus was that most trusted the people attending the festival, but felt that they should still keep a watchful eye, knowing that theft DOES occur. In hearing of things that happen to other people, in other places, even other parts of the world, our trust is affected as we begin to fear the possibilites (much like the two women who had heard of theft happening previously). Of course, there were a few individuals who expressed a more carefree view of those visiting the booths, firmly believing in the goodness and morality of winston's citizens. Even the police officer didn't think he'd be having an "eventful day." So here's the question we're all confronted with, living in a world with too many strangers and not enough friends: Should we always open ourselves up, believing and seeking the good in others to create trust, or should we watch for that lingering hand and those wandering suspects?

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  1. I love the opening quote! - Meg Rathbun

  2. The opening quote was a great way to start your blog and then the labs you did were fantastic. I love how you integrated text, photographs, and video. You did a marvelous job of being creative in approaching the labs and you dove deep into the analysis of the labs. Wonderful work folks!